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I got on line to check out this dream look eye lifter. I was silly enough to give them my credit card, expecting as have many time, to be able to review the charges before pressing the submit button. That did not happen. They took my credit care and THEN gave me the bill. I was agast at the charges. They not only charged me for my order but charged me for an order (that according to their website) was not supposed to be shipped for at least 6 weeks after I received my order and decided if I wanted to continue with the product. So now I have an additional $15.00 in shipping charges that are not refundable. Plus I had to pay to return the item.

I have called, e-mailed and I have yet to talk to a person. They call here during the day when I am at work and when I call the next day, the lady assures me no one from that office called me. It must have been a wrong number Then the lady calls me at 5:30 am in the morning. Lucky for her I was at the gym. Again, I called the number she gave me only this time the phone just rings and rings. No one ever answered that phone.

I have sent e-mails and they have not responded. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau (what a joke). I have contact the Attorney General's office in their state; have no heard one word from them.

I wish I knew a better way to get the word out about this scamming business. Even American Express cannot help me. I am out $40.00 in shipping charges. What a rip. They don't have to sell the product they are making all their money off of shipping and handling charges.

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